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Building the brands stronger and take you to
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Market Opportunity

Helping institutions explore New-Market-Development options. Discover and evaluate New Market Development, Entry and Expansion Strategies

Agent Handling

Our comprehensive Partner Management Services oversees all aspects from contracting, onboarding and training agents

Dedicated Staff

Helps you surmount the complexities of real-time international support by setting up a dedicated team.Provide real-time offshore support

Market Entry

Institutions choose to work with us because at Book University we bring along a blend of real business understanding, over 60,000 real-time man hours of in-depth sector experience, track record to successfully realise ROIs and building a great Off-Shore fulfilment experience.

While delivering a seamless offshore market entry and expansion solution, we make sure our partner interests and the underlying risks of operations are well managed, protected and serviced at all times. Quality and ethics are at the centre of everything we do at Book University.

Local Dedicated Office

Under the MRO model, a dedicated and sector specific local representative(s) is recruited to represent the university full-time. This dedicated team will work to fulfil objectives, from one of our dedicated offices. The core objective of the dedicated staff will be to market and brand the university in local and regional markets, recruit & nurture local partners, conduct quality assessments & verification (QAV) on applications received and final lodgement of applications for offers and finally making sure that enrolment numbers are met. Having a team on the ground is an ideal first step towards setting up a long-term presence in the market. Book University is fully compliant with all local and governmental regulations and represents a low risk, cost-effective market-entry platform. This helps to surmount the complexities of international applicant recruitment and brand positioning by setting up a dedicated team and an access to our established offices that becomes the University Off-Shore Fulfilment Office. This local dedicated staff will be hired as per university guidelines and we will do our due diligence and background checks to make sure we recruit representative(s) with the right talent.

Market Expansion

There are institutions whose existence isn’t known in prospective markets. In order for such Institutions to reap the benefits of interacting with prospective students and being known, we implement a market entry strategy by helping open a Managed In-Country Regional Office (MRO) in India to cover UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA.

Managed In-Country Regional Office

  • Dedicated local staff
  • World-class office space
  • No separate legal entity is required
  • Fully compliant to local/ national regulations
  • Book University local management support
  • Accounts and taxation covered
  • Payroll and expense management included

Book University partner Institutions have access to our global marketing and recruitment infrastructure. This includes dedicated office and marketing staff across key markets, managing a relationship with over 100,000 students in over 60+ high schools and 30+ institutions and over 250 passionate recruitment partners.